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hi well I am 22 and feel a bit silly writing on here but me and my partner are feeling very much in limbo.....

I have PCOS and I have had a period every month but can be late or early by a few days i have never missed a period though. I have now missed two periods but have had numerous negative pregnancy tests. I have also been to the doctors who have advised my to take folic acid and asked me to go back in two weeks for a internal scan if still having negative tests that would 11 weeks if i am pregnant by that time.

I am having dull pains almost like period pains, very tired, headaches, not sore but sensitive breast and now my partner thinks my belly is getting hard.

I don’t know if i am looking into things to much as we have just set up a home together and are really wanting a baby.

is anyone or has anyone had these problems and found out later they are pregnant????

or can having PCOS cause a negative pregnancy test?????



have you been to the doctors as they can give you help with fertility if you have cysts on your ovarys i am going for my appointment in 2 weeks as i am in the same boat