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Usually around exam times my stomach and surrounding organs feels terrible like they are twisted and I have more difficulty breathing. I usually thing this is related to stress and general neglect of my body during that time and it usually clears up.

However, this stomach condition has persisted (in a milder yet still very uncomfortable form) for the last two months. I have tried to overcome this by constant relaxation, meditation, regular eating and sleeping patterns and many dietary changes.

So basically what I am feeling in this additional pressure in the area surrounding (but mostly above) my belly button. It constantly zaps my energy levels. When I lie down, my stomach rumbles quite furiously (this never use to happen at all) and this is especially persistent after eating. I have been far more gassy than usual.

Additional notes:
- male/19 years old
- exercise fairly frequently
- diet high in fruits and vegetables
- no history of this or any gastrointestinal problems within the family
- have not attempted the use of any medication whatsoever

Many thanks in advance


I feel that your suffering from amoebiasis. The disease is caused by Entamoeba Histolica. Pomegranate rind regulates the motility disorders, regulating peristalsis. Pomegranate Rind contains ingredients, which are Proato-cidal.