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I don't know where to start. It all started years ago, i guess 4 year ago. After eating afternoon meals i used to have severe discomfort and slight pain in my let abdomen (i believe colon). I ignored it and attribute it to my diet since i was always eating out. But my friends were also eating out but none of them ever complained about any issues. I used to be in college at that time.

After 3 or 2.5 years it started becoming more problematic. i started having severe colon/intestine growling noises and severe severe discomfort in the colon/intestine. It is difficult to even sit in office (i am on a job now).

I finally decided to see a doctor (few months ago like 7 or 8 months ago). They asked me to get a stool test, it showed Amoebiasis. They gave a medicine called Metrozyl(sorry i don't remember the  name), at that time i was also given prebiotics and probiotics. So this went for 2 weeks and i felt like its coming under control. but i used to get the noises and discomfort once in a while. Which i believe was due to the fact that pro and prebiotics were not in the intestine at the same time as the food or were killed in the intestine.

After 2 weeks when the medicine stopped (the pro/pre biotics and the main medicine) the problem returned. I went back to the doctor. He then suggested to get a blood test, ultrasound of the abdomen. All were OK. I then got a stool test doubting if Amoebiasis has returned but it was also OK. So it really confused me as the problem was still there.

I quit that doctor or any doctor as they were not very interested in curing me cuz to them i looked stupid and stressed and they said that i am taking it too seriously. **** that doctor sorry.

I started searching internet and finally hit gold (as it gave me 100% relief or almost 4 weeks). I found that my symptoms were of lactose intolerance. I quit dairy completely and during those 4 weeks its was heaven. Looked like the food digested completely no bloating, no gas, no cramps, no rumble, no pain.

After 4 weeks the problem returned yesterday(i did not consume dairy). So i am not sure if quitting dairy was the answer. I think milk was too heavy for the intestine to digest which is now with every food now. And i guess i am back to square one.I think its almost every food that is creating the problem or me now not just the dairy. I could live with lactose intolerance BUT i can't live with a completely failed digestive  system :( I hardly eat junk food. And i hate eating now it does not nourish but stresses me.

My patience is gone. Its more than i can take. I anybody can suggest anything i would be grateful. Please help before i am completely doomed.

Thanks (even for reading cause the doctors don't really care for all that i have written above).


Hello, I feel your pain because for about 4 years now I have been going through the same thing.

My tummy hurt almost every day and made super loud noises and it was just so awkward and embarrassing.

I never really did research about it but decided it was time for a change.

I went to the doctors a couple yrs ago and they just told me to take Milax but that hardly worked.

These days I still get noises usually if i eat too much at one time and from stress(I stress out alot) and if I eat at parties which

don't usually have a healthy variety of food. 

What I do now to keep the pain and noises under control is:

-try to stay away from gluten

-drink green tea

-drink lots of water everyday

-dont have any dairy( im lactose intolerant)

- take probiotics

-drink a tablespoon of Swedish bitters-really helps!

-eat more fiber-based foods which helps me stay regular

-worry less and de-stress

- eat a clean diet consisting of steamed veggies, gluten-free bread, apples, and natural gluten-free crackers

From time to time i eat some junk food but overall i try eating clean and see major improvement.

I hope that helps!!!



Hi! I'm reading this because my 1 and 3 year old children have recurrent amoebiasis. The 1 year old somehow got infected with it when he was 5 months old, took metrodinazole for 2 weeks and seemed to improve, but I was never felt 100% sure that it had gone because he still had loose stools. We were all tested at the time - 3 times each - and all came up negative. 2 months later, the baby had very bad stomach cramps for a day and the next day, the same mucusy diarrohea that he had the first time, so I knew he had amoebiasis again. We all got tested, he came up positive and the rest of the family negative. This time he was treated with metrodizanole for 2 weeks and then paromomycin for 5 days. He was tested again 3 times after treatment, the 3rd test came back positive So he took another 5 days (I think, or maybe 7) of paromomyicin. After that he, and the rest of us, tested negative several times but again I wasn't confident that it had gone because there were still so many occasions of very loose stools, and frequent stools My older son was the same, always had been, so I believed the doctors when they said that some kids are just like that.. but deep down I knew it wasn't right and was getting more and more concerned about my older son. I couldn't work out how to potty train him with all this soft and frequent stools. He was tested again a few times and came up negative so I started looking at diet. I noticed that he passed stools very soon after eating dairy, so we started a lactose free diet and it improved things a lot. But then it got worse again, and I noticed that it was bad after drinking orange juice or eating something with a tomato paste base, so I thought it might be some kind of fructose malabsorption and heavily reduced his fruit intake. That improved the number of stools per day and the volume of each stool, but not the consistency, If anything, the consistency and smell were getting worse, So I went back to the doctor and did another test. This time he tested positive for amoebiasis and also giardiasis. It is my belief that he has had amoebiasis since his baby brother was infected. The stool tests are just very unreliable.
So I would advise to just keep on getting tested for amoebiasis. The doctors might think you're neurotic but they're not the ones living with this awful condition.