For the last month I have been on and off with sickness, last week I had some kind of virus that just made me feel kind of sick. No vomiting or anything. I had no appetite at all and lost about seven pounds which is a lot for a 17 year old that only weighed 116 lbs as it is. So then when I started to feel better I started to eat a little more and noticed a bad constant rumbling in my stomach. I also had really bad acid reflux and just assumed it was because of the extra acid in my stomach from not eating. It's been a week and a half and I am still having really bad rumbling in my stomach along with really bad pressure in my upper abdomen. I wake up in the middle of the night very often and it rumbles so badly I feel like I am about to pop and I cannot get comfortable. My mom won't listen to me and says I'm crazy so I cannot go to the doctor. It's becoming unbearable. I need help, does anyone know what this could be? Hating hernial? Liver? Gallbladder ?