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in the morning when i wake up my stomach hurts even if i have not ate anything..then when ever i do eat something my stomach hurts right after i am done or sometimes even while i am eating.... and i start feeling gassy...then i feel like i need to use the restroom when i really do not....i have been having this for the past week....i am really concered about this can someone please help me and tell me what is the possibilitys that this could be something really serious.


I am having this same problem.

When I eat my whole throat and stomach begins to burn and hurt, but when I don't eat it also begins to hurt from not eating. It doesn't feel like it is being digested, like it starts to come right back up my throat.

Not only that, I've had chronic headache and body aches for the past two days, along with blue spots in my field of vision.

I've tried drinking a lot of water with the food to remedy the pain, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything...

I wish I knew what this was, I was thinking it was dehydration but now I'm not too sure.