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First, let me just give you guys some background information:

-I'm 22.

-I'm male

-I am 100% positive I have no STD's.

With that out of the way, I'm honestly starting to get a bit worried because for the last month I have had a constant, unrelenting urge to urinate, and it just gets worse at night when trying to fall asleep. I have no other symptoms. No pain, no smelly/discolored urine, no burning, no cramping, no weakened flow, and no inability to hold my urine. It simply feels as though I have to pee, even when I don't. It's torture!


It's a little embarrassing, but this problem started after masturbating. I had urinate extremely bad after holding it back for hours, but instead of being smart and using the bathroom first, I instead did the deed with a full bladder. While ejaculating, I instinctivly clenched to hold back my urine which intern coused me quite a bit of pain and burning in my penis and achiness in my testicles. However, aside from that, my ejaculation was normal with no blood or anything. But from that point on, I constantly felt as though I had to urinate. 

The next day when masturbating (to see if I need to 'clear the plumbing') there was still a bit of pain, but not as much. Then I took a week-long break and tried again; the pain was gone. Unfortunately, I still had this urge to urinate.


So what could this be? I thought it could be a UTI infect, but why would masturbation trigger it, and why would I have no other symptoms? It could be BPH, but I am WAY to young for that. Could it be prostititus? If it is, why does the issue not feel better with hot baths, ejaculation, etc? Why would the painful ejaculationg go away, but the urge to urinate stay? Did I injure myself in some way?


Please, if anyone could shine some light on this issue it would be greatly appreaciated. I'm honestly at wit's end. I'm planning on going to the doctor, but I'm rather poor and don't want to submit myself to a hundred expensive and pointless tests without an idea of what I should be looking for.


Did it go away im having the same feeling right now i cant sleep at night it also started after my masturbation after i masterbated i felt that i need to pee and when i peed it was painfull and i kept urinating throughout the night but in the next day i have the urge but i cant pee or i need to force my pee so a little bit would come out im just 16 too bro and pls advice me what you did to make that feeling go away its now happening for me in 4 days and i accidentally used lasix an medicine to nake you pee 40 mg but that is kinda for old people so i lost weight and i kept peeing although i still force my pee i have no pain in my peeing now just great discomfort and unrelenting urge to pee 24/7 i also hate the feeling i need to force my pee to come out but only a little goes