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Sorry I started a new thread instead of using an existing discussion or reading stuff from there, I've read some but I'd rather have suggestions engineered around my symptons.

So recently(ever since Friday) the time between having to pee was decreasing, to the point (got there around Sunday) where the urge to urinate started back up right after I just did. This is very annoying and it's preventing me from sleeping.

When I urinate, sometimes(normally after the first time) it feels like I'm constipated but for urination - in a sense. There is no pain, or anything else. It's just that I have to urinate right after I just did. And I can hold it like that for hours, it's just the feeling isn't comfortable at all. My urine is normal also, no blood or cloudiness. And the feeling is that of REALLY having to go, although over time it gets less intense.

I went to the doctor, did a urine sample and they ruled out UTI, he also checked for other causes but in the end couldn't determine what was wrong(and took bloodwork). He told me to come back in a week if the symptoms persisted. He also told me to try taking Aleve twice a day.

So my question is, do any of you have an idea on what might be wrong?


Another question though, side effects of Aleve include not being able to sleep and then trouble urinating, is it really smart to take Aleve when I'm already experiencing those symptoms?


My 17 year old daughter is suffering through these very same issue. A pressure in the lower abdomen, going for a pee and still having the urge to pee, but never having that empty feeling.  There is no pain, she was ruled out for any UTI's. She is heading for an ultra sound on her kidneys/bladder to see if there's something happening on Monday October 15 2012, we'll see what that brings. I think there are more test they can do with your urine, because that dip stick test isn't totally accurate.

I'd go find another doctor, one who prescribes  aleve is a half a** doctor. Request a gynocologist or urologist, maybe you'll have better luck. I'll let you know if anyone comes of this with my daughter.