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I have had a urinary problem for nearly a year now. It seemed to start with a uti that did not respond very well to antibiotic treatments, I was referred to local GUM clinic and the only thing of note was puss cells in urine so they decided to treat as NSU with a course of antibiotics (this did not work as I required a further 2 more doses of antibiotics)I had recently started a new relationship and now wonder if I had clamidiya. I was then referred for a cystoscopy (all clear no obvious problems) and then an ultrasound (all clear)
The problem is normally very manageable whilst at home, and I am pretty much pain free. The problem arises when I have to drive as within 3-10 of starting my journey I get an overwhelming urge to urinate. It feels like all the muscles are clenching in order not to pee and its extremely uncomfortable. If it’s really bad I stop and pee behind bushes and normally only produce really small amounts of urine.
If I drive for longer than 15 minutes I will tend to experience pain/ urge sensation for about two and a half hours after the journey ends. The situation is so bad I have been unable to work since August.
I have had lots of urine tests that often come back as clear but a few have come back with infection or showing mixed flora.
I am a male diabetic (currently diet controlled) I have seen a urologist and he thought it was prostatitis although as yet they have offered no treatment for this problem. The problem has got worse for me since 18/08/08 as this was the last day of antibiotics that I had been taking for a UTI. It had required 3 doses, until a clear urine sample was obtained although at this point my symptoms rapidly got worse. Until this point I had been able to drive the few miles to visit parents without too much discomfort, this changed within a couple of weeks and I was completely unable to drive (infact unable to drive more than 300 yards without having to turn back due to urge).
The problem seems possible to be caused by driving position, vibration of road surface or pressure caused by sitting with body weight pressing on bladder.
I have found that even walking can cause this problem with the added problem of bladder ache? My bladder feels tender and steps seem to echo through it (sorry rubbish description)
Could this be prostatitis as the urge/tickle/ache seems to come mainly from the very top of my urethra and slightly behind the base of my penis. I have had an ache in my bottom but rarely. Help.


I am having the same problems/ symptoms. Have you found out what it is? I'm on my 5th run of antibiotics with no relief. I drive 100 miles a day (at least). It's pretty un bearable.


I have been on avodant & flomax for 10 months with no problems.

Symptoms are testicles & penis tingling, warm feeling in my groin, and pressure in my penis when sitting down.

Peeing fine.

All tests negative. Doctors and urogolosts cant figure it out. Antibotics don’t help unless you are positive for bacrerial infection.

Pulled groin muscle? Not going to the gym for a few weeks to see if that is it. Ice and warm baths help relieve the symptoms.


Could be bladder stones