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Hi everyone,

So my wife is in the military and she runs 3-4 days a week, usually 2-3 miles. Occasionally, we run together (I only run about once a month and it's usually 1-2 miles). She can't seem to ever keep up with me, and she's completely out of breath after the first quarter mile. I probably run a slow 8 min mile pace, and it would seem like with as much as she runs, this should be easy for her. She has also mentioned that she feels like her heart beats way too fast whenever she runs.

Does anyone have any tips? Could it be a breathing issue? Or maybe it's a health concern and maybe she has heart issues.



Hey there,

I can't give any advice on whether or not she should go to the doctor. However, I do know that when I run an 8 or so minute mile pace, my fiance has trouble keeping up as well. She is in pretty good shape and she was even a runner in high school. Also, you are going a pretty short distance of 2-3 miles. Men can just naturally can run faster than women for quite a few reasons.

Hopefully this helps a little bit.


does she have any past medical problems? maybe an asthma. If not, i may have the solution for you as i do experience such problems. what i do is to control my breathing.

Get her to take deep breaths through her nose, and exhale out through her mouth. When first starting the jog, start at a slower pace, with a slow controlled breathing using the technique that i just gave. next start picking up the pace, and when you do, match the breathing technique with how fast you are going.

a simple trick to do when you are starting out is to take a slow deep inhale through your nose, run 2 steps, and exhale out through your mouth slowly again. keep repeating this pattern and try not to break it. even when you start going faster, do not break this pattern. just follow your steps as it gets faster. it'll will seem like a hassle at first, but once you body gets conditioned to it, you will find it to be natural and you will be able to run easier.

If this does not help, i suggest she go to the doctor to get a body checkup.