so. i used to have 0 stomach problems. now, i am constipated a third to half of the time. I get heartburn too. when i smoke marijuana, it does not help, it makes me feel completely bloated and plugged up. it just seems to be getting worse.

i used to go to a boarding school, and whenever i was breaking a rule, i would tense up my stomach and have to pee. i have always had to pee when nervous my whole life. now when i get nervous i have to go poop. is it possible that my body has learned to rely on these reflexes instead of normal movement? 

also when i smoke marijuana it hurts the next day i think because it tries to speed up my metabolism when in fact i am quite constipated.

i am trying to get my balance right, have cut out milk because i am now lactose intolerant (past 3 months). the doctors are imbeciles. what should i do???