Since last Saturday June 10th until now and still going on June 15th 2017, I've been having serve pain in my stomach on the right side of it. It hurts when I lay down on my back, or on my side in bed, or when I turn to get up out of bed it hurts. When I walk around or sit down it hurts as well. When I bend over to pick up stuff off the floor or kneel down it also hurts.

I am able to go pee and even poop fine. As well as eat, drink, just fine. I have no fever or loss or appetite at all. Now I don't think it has to do with my appendix or anything like that because if it did, I would be in ten times more pain, dealing with the symptoms that come with that stuff.

Now I have suffered from constipation issues since I was a kid all the way into my adulthood a lifetime ordeal ya know? Haha it sucks I know but I do take care of myself, I take fiber gummy bears, or stool softeners from time to time if I feel backed up.

If I am backed up and still able to go poop I notice the poop are small like coin sized poops one or two or maybe four at the most. Sometimes the poop is long but still in one piece not in cuts or pieces or a weird color it is brown and my pee is either clear or yellow.

So just not sure as to why this pain is happening to me. Lately its been ongoing every morning, then it goes away OR it lasts all day and night.

What is wrong with me?