I am hoping that someone here can provide me with a little guidance or insight into whether I may be lactose intolerant.

I am from a small town...so it seems like my trips to the gastro don't help very much at all! I have been having more severe stomach issues for a year now. It started last August with 4 weeks of diarreah and then when that calmed down...Ive been having severe gas buldup leading to constant belching. Thats my main gripe - Gas Pain that makes me belch alot and causes bloating and pressure, At times I do get heartburn....but its not daily. If I have pizza....I am instantly on the toilet...as well as if I have mac n cheese or something like ice-cream. The last thing I would add is that I cant drink liquids with meals anymore. It seems like liquids hurt more than food does. Like there is no more room for liquids. Water hurts more than a pepsi would ( i know sounds crazy!)I have a two year old and an eight year old and am a single mom. I really need to be well for them :-)

It seems like everything I eat attacks my stomach or something. Ive been drinking lactaid for about a year now - but do I need to eliminate other foods as well that may have hidden lactose in them?? I do still eat butter and cheese and whatever milk would be in cookies or prepared foods or what have you...I guess I just don't know. I am just willing to do anything to make this gas/Belching/Pain stuff go away!! I am 104 lbs...and went down to 92 last year when the 4 weeks of diarreah happened. It just seems like my body isn't digesting something properly.

I let the gastro do a scope down my throat....and they found nothing at all. She also did a gastric emptying scan...and that was fine. Also a gall bladder ultrasound....and nothing. They never did a lactose test or stool test...should suggest it to a gastro? Wouldn't they automatically do the tests if they thought it was a possibility? My only thoughts are that I have possible lactose intolerance to the extreme???

My son and daughter were both on soy formula due to constant runny stool diapers as infants. I have been giving them regular milk so as not to pin them with my lactose issues....but maybe their intolerance as infants was directly related to me having some type of milk intolerance/allergy?

I know this is a novel....but any thoughts? Do I have the worlds worst stomach....or could it really be that I would have to change something in my diet besides just drinking lactaid milk instead of regular milk.