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hi , my baby is 2 years old he has constipation and he's been passing a little bit of blood in his stool . this situation has been for 3 weeks now he does the poopy once every 2 or 3 days and he passes a little blood with it each time i spot 2 or 3 drops of blood and when i wipe there's blood i'm starting to worry

has anyone gone through this situation please i need any info i can get
i'm gonna take him tomorrow to see his doc


You have been waited too long in my opinion to see what is happening with your child because changes in the baby stool are the first signs that something is wrong. The only way we can be sure about certain things when our baby’s health is in question is baby’s stool and the color of it.

Since it has been a while from you have posted this question you are now probably familiar what was the problem so would you please share with us what was the diagnosis and the treatment. Thank you in advance and I hope that it wasn’t nothing serious.