Hope someone can give me some advice. I have had blood in my stool for the last 12 days. Sometimes it is visible on the stool and usually always on the toliet paper. The blood is usually bright red or when there isn't as much blood its more maroon colored. My stools have been smaller than usual but not extremly narrow. It has been frequent, 8 or so times a day. During the last week the blood has increased slightly. I also have slight abdominal cramps and less of an appetite. I visited my IM the other day and he did not perform any specific tests but gave me suppositories and flagyl and said I most likey have a form of colitis or Inflammed bowle syndrome. I have been on the meds for over 48 hrs and still see the same problems. There have been 2 times in the last 2 weeks where my stool was normal, no blood on tissue etc. The stools are softer and smaller in nature than my usual stools. I have an apt with a GI in 3 days. 40 years old, no colon cancer in family, diabetic, under high stress last few months.