So I'm pretty sure I ate expired hamburger meat 2 weeks ago. It expired the day that I ate it and it had a slightly odd smell even after being cooked. That night I was instantly sick with slightly bloody diarrhea/loose stool. I continued to see blood in my stool for about 3 days.

For the the following 10 days I've been unusually constipated with hard flat stools, abdominal cramps, gas pains at night and in the morning, and occasionally I feel fatigued. Fiber suppliments don't seem to help much and when I take laxatives I see blood in my stool again. I went to the doctor and had a complete blood count test and all of my results were normal so I'm not losing a lot of blood or anemic... my doctor doesn't seem too concerned.

Does this just sound like hemorrhoids or could I have some kind of infection/bacteria problem from eating expired meat? I've read that food poisoning/E coli will only affect you for 2-7 days but my problems are going on 15 days now.