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Hey there. This is alarming and I am scared!


Today, I could see my three month old puppy struggling while he was pooping. He was in so big pain. When I came close to him, he is just running away.

I didn’t know what the problem is. I was thinking that the main problem is because he had loose stool, but…

He went out, and he came back in the house a half of hour later.

I went to the yard and I saw his poop. And, I found a blood in loose stool of my puppy.

I made an appointment with my vet, but I need some answers quickly.

I am going to see him tomorrow…

What do you know about this issue? 


Hey there.


It is nice to hear that you have decide to react on time. This can be a huge problem, and in most of cases, it can be fatal :/

But, in this case, it can be caused by so many different things.

For example, it can be caused by irritation and inflammation in the large intestine. In this case, it can be produced with blood and mucus as well, in the stools.

Parvo virus also can be the main cause of blood in the stool.

But, it can be colon cancer as well, because those are some symptoms of it. Also, symptoms are blood and mucus as well.

Did your dog lost his weight?

Of course, visit the vet. 



Hi you two, When your dog is that young, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he has any disease. He could have just found and ate some bad food and hurt his stomach a bit. But if you see blood more than once, then it’s probably a problem. It could be the parvo virus, but your dog should have already taken the vaccine for it, at least I hope he did. It can mean a big number of diseases, such as some parasite infections, and, it can mean cancer too, but I don’t really want to talk about cancer because your dog is just three months old, that shouldn’t be the case.



Hey everybody.

I am sorry to hear this, but I have to agree with Dalmatian lover. Your dog is young, and this maybe is not anything serious.

But, putting that aside, you should visit your vet, and if you are in chance, take a stool sample to him.

I am sure that he will do some quick analysis.

You can never tell, he might ate something very bad and wrong, maybe something that was not good for his stomach, but on the other side, maybe this is some disease.

I hope that this is not a cancer, because your dog is young, but you can never tell.



Hello. Parvo could easily be the main reason of blood that you found in your puppy’s stool. I think that it is not a cancer, but I am not an expert. But, I know that your vet is. I agree that you should take a stool sample to your vet, because he is the only one who can determine what is going on with your dog. But, it seems to me that this is parvo. It could easily be, because parvo attacks puppies, and your dog is puppy. I am wondering what is the color of your dog's stool? Because, that can say a lot of things to us.




I was wondering what is going on in this case?

Millie cat, what is going on, did you went to see your vet?

I was talking with my vet today when I went to see him with my dog.

I asked him what could be when you see a blood in loose stool of the puppy.

And, guess what he told me?

First, he asked me did you vaccinate your puppy.

Because it can definitely be parvo, he is actually almost sure that this is parvo in your puppy.

I asked him is there any possibility that this is cancer, and he told me that chances are really small…



Hello everyone, But Dog Whisperer, didn’t her puppy already receive his vaccine against parvo virus? Or does it come later? I thought it’s the first vaccine for him to receive.

On the other hand, he is still just a puppy, only 3 months old, still learning about the world and adjusting to it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be some bad food that he ate, even if you have just changed his food, on which his stomach is not used to.

I think that you should let the vet examine him but I don’t think that there is a reason to worry about, your little fellow is going to be just fine.



Hi to all,

Hey Millie, please try not to be scared.

Whatever happens, you need to stay positive for your dog and yourself.Blood in your puppy’s stool can mean bunch of things, both good and bad, so there is no reason to worry before you take your dog to the vet to do some tests.

Then, if it happens that he has cancer or parvo virus or something else that is that serious, it’s time to worry. But since he’s that young, he’s probably just still adapting to the food that you give him. And I seriously hope that he got his parvo virus vaccine.




Hey everyone,

It’s been almost a week Millie, how is your puppy doing? What did the vet say? Anything to worry about? I hope it was nothing serious. The others already told you what it could have been, I just hope it wasn’t  parvo virus or cancer. Those things are nasty. Anyway, even the fear of your puppy being sick will make you treat him better (I’m not saying that you weren’t doing that before) and will strengthen the bond between you two.  Well, I do hope that everything turned out just fine. Wish all the best to you and to your puppy, give him a high five him for me.