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I'm not sure if i'm pregnant or not.i had my period june 13and 2 weeks later now my breast are really sore and i've noticed almost like a burning sensation around my uterus section and stuff,also i find when i have sex and climax i get cramps for a mintue or two.what does this mean?????? by the way my boyfirned and i have been having unprotected sex for 2 and a half years,i only got pregnant onece and had a missed misscarrige.and never got pregnant again that was a year and a half ago.


Two weeks following your period is when you ovulate and your symptoms are common with that event. If you aren't trying to get pregnant, this would be an excellent time to stop having sex for a week or use a reliable birth control method (which you should be using at all times anyway to avoid unwanted pregnancy).

However, it is not uncommon for women to sometimes ovulate twice in a cycle and may even ovulate while they are on their period (causing them to have a second menstruation two weeks after their last one). If you think it's possible this happened to you this month, take a pregnancy test and/or speak with your doctor.