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Hi, I'm 16 and my boyfriend and I have been having sex for about a month now. We're usually very careful about protection, but about three weeks ago, He went in me bare for about five minutes, then we had sex with a condom. But about an hour later, he went in me bare again then we had sex, once again with a condom. I've heard that pre cum can get you pregnant and I've done some research that says only if there was sperm in the urethra and he didn't pee in the hour gap, so I'm guessing there was still sperm there. I'm two weeks late for my period which is usually fairly regular and I'm kind of scared I'm pregnant.


Hi Amy,

Yes, going in "bare" after just ejaculating means that there likely would be semen in his urethra.  Precum or not, just inserting his penis can "squeeze" any semen out of it.

If this did happen 3 weeks ago, so about a week before your period was due, then it isn't likely you are pregnant.  That would be day 21 or so of your period.  You normally would ovulate between about days 11-16 and 48 hours after ovulation (day 18) the egg is no longer viable.

Since you are late, take a test.  Be sure to use your very first morning (wake-up) urine.  It is more concentrated (darker) so more likely to give you an accurate result.

Good luck.