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Hi im just wondering last month i had a miscarriage at 6 weeks pregnant. Is it true that you become more fertile after a miscarriage and is it true that cause i miscarried that my body had just gotten the bad egg out and preparing my body for pregnancy with good eggs since i havent been pregnant inawhile before this miscarriage? Also im due for my period in the next couple of days but my areolas are bigger than usual and i have more little lumps on them could i be pregnant? Thank You


I got pregnant with only one cycle between a miscarriage and the new pregnancy, so it is absolutely possible to conceive soon after. In theory, you can get pregnant as soon as you ovulate again. 

Though slightly bigger breasts and areolas are an early pregnancy sign, it's also something that is often just associated with getting your period. So I'd just wait it out without getting my hopes up, if possible. Then take a pregnancy test as soon as your period is due and you miss it. 

Do you have any other pregnancy symptoms, like nausea, bloated abdomen, frequent urination, fatigue, and the like? That would definitely make me more hopeful. 

I really hope that you are pregnant if that's what you are hoping for too!