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im so confused.. im havng this unwanted pregnancy, these signs appeared but i am having my menstruation today:

- positive result in 5-6 pregnancy tests [HCG kit]
- swollen breasts, increased in size
- palpitation
- weakness, exhaustion
- constipation
- missed period... jan 5-8, menstruation, all the way to february, no menstruation.. && today is march 1, im having my menstruation already.

am i going to jump for joy yet, thinking that im not really pregnant? i am only sixteen..

i dont want to get pregnant.. who wants to, at this age?

please help me..


Many women experience bleeding during their pregnancy and many women menstruated in the first few months. Are you taking any medications or hormones that could influence the pregnancy tests?

If not and you have 5 pregnancy tests show you positive, I would say it is high time you spoke with your mother or another person you can trust and see a gynecologist for a blood test and to discuss your options.

I'm sorry pregnancy occurred when you didn't needed it but it would be wise to talk to your gyn about ways to protect from other unwanted pregnancies. \

Good luck