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When is a woman safest from falling pregnant. Before a period or after a period and for how many days


Well, you are never 100% safe from getting pregnant.

If your period is regular, then you should ovulate 14 days after your period (highest fertility). So anytime right after or right before your period would be safest.

However that doesn't mean you should have unprotected sex. Sperm can live up to a week in your body, and if you have sex before ovulation but the sperm survives in your body until your egg is released, you are still likely to get pregnant.

After ovulation is when your egg is starting to deteriorate (it is only good for 16 to 24 hours) BUT some women still have gotten pregnant when they had sex right before their period was due. Even tho the egg is starting to deteriorate, it doesn't mean that it still can't be fertilized. The chances of it surviving are slim, but not impossible.

Most people think, then, that its safest to have sex on your period. Personally, I would say this is true.. IF your period is regular. Then again, cases have been reported of pregnancies during a woman's period (however these were very young women with irregular periods).

The chances of you getting pregnant (if you try) every month is 15-25% which isn't alot if you think about it. Its still best to be safe though. Believe me, it isnt worth the stress, even if you don't get pregnant. The worry just kills you.