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Hello. I just finished my first month of birth control Wednesday the 20th. On the 17th, I had unprotected sex. My boyfriend did pull out before he came. I started taking the pills that will enable me to have a period on Thursday, the 21st. My period still hasn't started. 

Could I possibly be pregnant? 

This would be the first period I've had on birth control and I understand that sometimes girls don't have their period the first month. 

What should I do?


Hi Tril,

Sometimes it takes a little time for your period to adjust to birth control.  By the way, the pills don't start your period, they are really just reminders.  Your period starts after you STOP taking the other pills, it's called withdrawal bleeding.

Odds are, having sex on the 17th, within about 8-10 days of when you expected your period, that you are NOT going to get pregnant.  The egg is normally not viable.

Just be patient.  You should have your period in a few days.  

Hope it helps.