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I am a teenage girls who has been experiencing some pain in the chest sometimes burning, aching or stabbing pain and some heartburn what could this be? What should I do about it


Hello Ashley, 

as someone who had the ulcer, I'm gonna be honest with you. What you described sounds just like the symptoms I had for years - i didn't think it was anything too serious, until my stomach ulcer burst and I ended up in the hospital. However, you are in a much better position since what you are experiencing now are basically gastritis symptoms which can over the years contribute to the ulcer forming.

What you need to do is see your family doctor and describe the problems you are experiencing and as is common practice in this case, you'll get a medication to lower your stomach acidity so you won't suffer from heartburn anymore. But there is also another thing you'll have to do and that is to monitor the food that cause you problems and cut them off completely, or at least be careful about the portion size when you eat them. These are usually spicy, greasy or acidic foods, 

wish you all the best!