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Hey :-)

I'm new here so please bear with me :-)

I have had anorexia since I was 9, on and off. I say on and off because there have been better times than others.

However, lately it's been getting worse so I went to the doctor for help. She weighed me and said that I am just over 6 and a half stone. I'm 159cm tall. She said my BMI is 16.6. I'm 20.

She told me to come back in a month.
I don't want to get better in a month. I want to get better now.
I'm trying to eat but whenever I do eat I get really bad heartburn and indigestion and a sore stomach. It's almost like it's swollen.

I am really trying my hardest but this horrible indigiestion is making me not want to eat because it's painful but I know that I have to eat and I want to be healthy.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can eat and should start eating to kind of ween myself back onto a normal diet?

Someone told me that when anorexia gets to a certain stage the body goes into baby mode and so when the person who is anorexic starts to recover, they have to start off eating like a baby.

I really want to get better. I want my nice hair and skin back. My skin is greasy and my hair falls out in clumps.

Could the heartburn/indigestion and my anorexia be linked?

Any helps would be appreciated :-)

Sorry for the long post



I have never suffered from anorexia but I have had alot of problems with my stomach. I defintely think the anorexia is linked to your stomach problems. The lining of your stomach is probablly red and inflamed from all of the stomach acid. When you don't eat your stomach acid starts to eat away at the lining of your stomach and it becomes, red, inflamed, and irritated. This is also refferred to as gastritis. You have to eat foods that are non acidic, Your stomach produces acid to break down food so if you don't eat the acid attacks your stomach. So you must eat to give the acid something to work on besides the lining of your stomach and you also need to eat non acidic foods to give your stomach a chance to heal. You should start out eating small amounts to get your body used to the food and slowly increase to normal portions. I would reccommend eating plain white rice, plain baked potatoes, boiled chicken, plain oatmeal, dry cereals, cooked pasta, bread, crackers, green vegetables are good but avoid broccoli (will cause gas and pain). No sauce or seasonings on the food at all. Everything must be very bland for at least a few months. After a while you may be able to start wheening in other things but take it really slowly. Drink lots of water and only drink low acid juices such as apple, grape, and pear. No Caffeine at all!!! Please let me know if this helps you and keep me posted on your progress. Also hear is a website to look at, you may want to eat according to the information given:


Hey I just started to recover for about 3 months already I been having painful acid reflux what do you recomened I should do ? What foods should I not eat