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I am 45 years old and I have some problems. The other day I saw some blood in my stool, and I’m talking about fresh blood. My anal region is irritable and my excrement is very firm. One friend, who is in forth year of medicine, told me that I maybe suffering from peptic ulcer that penetrated my gastric wall and started to bleed. That’s why I have blood in my stool. I admit I do feel low pain in my stomach. I became very frightened. Do I need surgery?
Does anybody know something about it?


I can only tell you that your friend has a poor knowledge in this mater. When you have a fresh blood in your stool, this is not definitely caused by ulcer because when ulcer bleeds all the blood must be digested before it comes to anal region. Digested blood has a black color, it’s NEVER fresh.
All your symptoms lead to one disease – external hemerroids!
Internal hemerroids are expansion of veins in anal region but not on the inside but outside of the anal tube. They can be destructed and then you’ll have blood in your excrement.
Hemerroids can be hereditary. They usually appear at over weighted people especially if they are spending much time sitting. That’s why I suggest that you visit your doctor!!! If you smoke, you’ll have to stop it. You’ll have to also stop drinking alcohol, eat spicy food and wash your anal region with chamomile tea. Your doctor can prescribe some creams, and if it is necessary-it is treated by operation.