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I had a colonoscopy , it indicatesmultiple ulcers and erythema in ceacum biospy results have not come yet. dotor has given me two antibiotics and acid suppresser . Does this ulcer lead to cancer?What type of diet I should take and how long?


Damage to the gastrointestinal system has been shown to lead to cancer, but this shouldn't happen if you can repair the damage. Repairing it shouldn't be difficult.

Is the acid suppressant an antacid and is it long-term or short-term. As someone with chronic acid reflux, I would strongly suggest you only take stomach acid-reducing medications for a short period of time. This is because the stomach needs to be acidic in order to properly break down the food for digestion. After a while, your stomach will start to produce more stomach acid to compensate for the overly-alkaline environment and the problems often get worse, forcing you to solve the issue another way. Talk to your doctor about this. If he says you need to be on it long-term, my personal advice is that you still take it for just a minimal amount of time. You can buy the e-book "Reflux Gone Forever" for tips on how to prevent acid reflux, to repair gastrointestinal damage, and to ensure gastrointestinal health at all times. It's got some great advice.