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My coworkers and family keep telling me they think I have developed turrets. Though I do not believe them, I used to just do this when i got cold chills, i jerk real hard and my hands and feet go forward and my head jerks around. but now they are a lot more often.  I used to have just one a week or so but now its like 15 or more in a day. I have noticed more that these aren't happening like a cold chill anymore either.
 please help!!!!


Hi Ashlee,

How old are you?  It is unlikely to be Tourette's Syndrome is you are older than 18 when you first developed these symptoms.  Symptoms usually show up between about 7-10 years of age with males 3 times more likely than women to develop them.  Vocal tics would also need to be present.

I do suggest you see your doctor.  It could indicate a possible tumor.  It's important to rule this out early.

Don't delay.