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I read this forum and was soooo happy to see other people like myself. I'm a 28 year old female that has suffered with cramps as far back as I can remember. Once I hit about 25yrs old, I would get calve cramps constantly and that's it. I started trying to work out around 27 and that's when I started getting tricep cramps(you think a thigh cramp is the end of the world? Think again). I've also had bicep cramps, jaw cramps(has happened when yawning) and even neck cramps. Tonight for the first time ever I experienced a new cramp; the inner thigh cramp! Earlier tonight, I had got in an argument with my partner and as I yelped out for pain she chose not to come to the rescue until she noticed I was yelping for a little too long. Although not timed, im sure without a shadow of a doubt that this was the longest cramp I have ever experienced in life. It hit me in my sleep and I got up because I can't take a cramp lying down. As soon as I stood up, the most horrible pain I ever felt in my life hit my inner thigh kinda close to the groin area. At first I thought it would settle down like all of the other numerous cramps I have had, but no it did not. It would loosen up and then tighten right back up if I made the slightest movement. I half stood/half leaned on the bed and cried a cry that I haven't cried since childhood. My girlfriend wanted to call 911 and I almost agreed but the cramp was settling down so I denied. But I swore that my leg muscle or tendon was just about to pop out of my leg. The thing that may have caused this uncommon cramp for me is walking. I recently became a mail carrier and I did an intense walking route today and my body is not accustomed to walking at all. So maybe I put my leg in shock lol. I searched on yahoo search for "inner thigh cramps" and was blessed to find this forum. I have eaten a banana, taken a 250mg pill of magnesium and also drunken a full glass of water. I haven't moved the leg as of yet out of fear, but I have reassumed the sleeping position. In the morning we shall see what the leg feels like.


I have had these cramps for around 20 years on and off and felt that they were brought on by hard manual work. They are extremely painful and as you say, can't straighten the leg or waist. I originally took quinine pills from my Dr for this and other leg and hand cramps. Some time ago I was told to drink a small bottle of tonic water, as this contains quinine, when it happens and this works very quickly. I have to be careful that I don't sit and bend at the knee for a while. I had a knee replacement some 10 months ago and until yesterday didn't have any of these cramps..... until last night. I have been working all day laying slabs in the garden and here we go again! Bring on the tonic water.