Last month in the night I woke up with a bad muscle cramp in my left calf. It subsided after a bit. Then next night I got another cramp but this was severe!! It went on for about 10 minutes with my husband rubbing my calf until it finally subsided. I went to work and was quite sore. I went up the stairs and began to get a cramp but in my lef thigh. I took the elevator downstairs, got my water jug and started walking around. But as I was walking, my left calf cramaped up, then it went to my shin and then my right calf, same thing!! Both my legs were severly cramping I could not move or walk I was in such pain I almost fainted. I ended up going to the ER in an ambulance and my bloodwork showed EVERYTHING normail. Since then I have have 4 different blood works done and nothing comes up abnormal not : electrolytes, potassium, sodium NOTHING! What can it be? No doctors have been able to pinpoint the problem! I had gone to an orthopedic suregeon for a problem with myleft knee and he had injected cortisone but into my tendon of my left leg. He says it WAS NOT THE SHOT! He gave me quinine pills and they only gave me night cramps so I stopped. As of yet I have not had another eprisode but I take muscle relaxers nightly!! I don't want to become addicted, although I sleep GREAT!! Anyone have any insight on this?? It would be truly appreciated!!