It's crazy how bad these inner thigh cramps hurt. I don't have any medical problems other than being overweight and a thyroid issue that started within the last 5 yrs. Became obese around age of 21. I've been having these horrible inner thigh cramps since I was 13 yr old. I'm 38 now. All the Dr I've seen want to say it's my weight causing the cramps. It's not true! I tell them. I've been dealing with the since I was a kid. All they see is the weight. I want to know what the heck is wrong with me. Im tired of living my life in fear of the next cramp. If i move, stand up, twist, lie down the wrong way the flicker happens and you know what comes next. You have quickly assume the get ready to fight the cramp position. Sometimes I can stop it and alot of times I'm not able too. Sweeping, vacuuming seems to aggravate the lower back too which causes the cramp. And after fighting the clamp down cramp, im exhausted and sore for a few days as if I'd ran 10 miles. I found that as soon as i feel the flicker... if i could stand up quick enough and put the good leg over the top of bad leg at the knees and thigh. Almost like you holding pee..and use the good leg to apply pressure to bad leg at the top side of the inside edge of the thigh and knee & kind of twisting/ pushing that muscle from the top side edge of the thigh and knee around and towards the back of the leg. And hold it until u feel everything start to relax. Stand straight and still as possiable while compressing that muscle firmly and tightly. That's just something that helps me sometimes. I used to try and grab the muscles with my hand and push them around towards the back. To much space to cover. 

 Ive been seeing a weight Dr. I've went from 325lbs to 270lbs. I'm taking all the vitamins, VD3, Magnesium Citrate, B 12 and the cramps still happen. I've had a lower back MRI but that was 10 yrs ago. They didn't find anything. I don't think it was done properly. I just don't think the Dr's know what to look for. This symptom has never been diagnosed from what I can tell. I slept in a recliner for several years. My husband got tired of me not being with him in bed so he got me a temperpedic ergo bed. You know the bed the head and feet will raise up on. I can set it in almost a recliner position. That helped quite a bit. 

Have any of yall had a tail bone injury? I fell while learning to ride a bike when I was about 6 or 7 on the pavement. I flipped backwards and landed directly on my tail bone. I couldn't walk or standing up straight for several days or sit down. I think i broke my tail bone. Anyway. .. My theory. . Is that when i broke my tail bone it healed back wrong with nerves, tendons or ligaments or whatever caught between the break or something. And every time i do something strenuous that day it aggregates whatever is caught in the tail bone and causes it to be inflamed and cut of circulation to the nerves that are in the inner thigh. When "IT" happens i can trace from where it starts on either side of my tail bone downwards underneath to my groin down my inner thigh to the inside edge of my knee. It's ruining my life. I can't even do what a wife is supposed to do with their husband... unless it's a certain way and still have to be careful to not twist the wrong way. It's interfering with work, driving, outings, house cleaning. I can't do anything due to being so scared of the cramps. So if anyone knows a answer other than the ones that are already posted cuz I've tried them all, plz let me know. We need a Dr that will listen and figure this out. Thanks for listening.