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There is a thread for this topic in the gastro section, but seems to me like it belongs here.  Many people obviously suffer severe muscle spasms (Charley Horses) in their thighs.  All the posts reflect how horrible the pain is as well as how little understanding their seems to be for this condition which affects so many.  I found all the posts enlightening.  The cramps occur for seemingly no reason and are unpredictable to most.  Lots of suggestions on how to prevent and stop them, but everything seems to be trial and error.  Even for those who had extensive medical testing, the cramps continue.  I too have been on a relentless journey for relieve for some months.  Piecing together all the info from the posts, I believe I have finally found the etiology of my cramps.  I stayed on a very low carb diet for a long time and was usually in ketosis.  Most all the posts I read kept mentioning potassium.  I found an article that talked about the intricate balance of salt, potassium, and fluid that needed to be maintained.  I followed its recommendation to use Morton's Lite Salt which contains potassium chloride (Note:  cannot use this when taking some meds!)  I also came out of ketosis by increasing carbs with foods rich in potassium.  (You can check to see if you are in ketosis with ketostrips from the pharmacy).  I continue to take potassium, vitamin d, calcium, and magnesium supplements in addition to my multiple vitamin and walk rigorously daily.  I am so happy and relieved that I have now been free of the almost daily cramps for well over a month.  Even if you are not intentionally eating low carb, it might be worthwhile to check for ketones and give the salt substitute a try if meds or other health conditions do not contraindicated.  I feel very blessed to be free of the cramps, as they were definitely affecting the quality of my life.  I hope the best for all of you that continue to suffer!


I have found that I can't eat any combination of sugar and milk before laying down. If I do I will get a muscle contraction the inside of the thigh from the groin down past the knee that will cripple me with pain. I can eat sugar OR I can drink milk but not both together. Not sweet cereal and milk, ice cream, yogurt, doughtnut and milk. I once drank a slim fast drink before bed, I didn't want to eat before bed. In the night I went to straighten my leg and OMG, it brought me straight up out of bed. I looked at the label later and found it contains sugar and milk solids. If I do accidently eat something, I drink as much water as I  can trying to flush it out of my system, urinating as much as possible and take a pain reliever, water, water. Or don't lay down after eating it until it's out of your sysyem. It won't happen again until I forget and eat something that contains milk and sugar together. Then I won't do that again. BOY AM I SORRY!! I hope this will help you, too.