I have been reading all these posts on the inner thigh cramping that is so excruciating in pain.  My first one came about a year ago.  I was a passenger in the car riding with my husband when this first happened.  I am 5'6" and weigh 140 lbs so I am not overweight.  But I had previously to this one year ago lifted a too heavy box down from an overhead position and ended up with two pinched nerves and two crushed discs which left me bedridden for about three weeks.  I thought my life was over as I had known it.  I am a very young 63 yrs old at this time.  Not ready for motivating around like an old person at this time!  I was able to get that inability to move corrected through an online chiropractor who gave me better advice than my own physician did.  He got me up and ambulating once again and without pain.


This pain is like the worst I've ever experienced in my entire lifetime!  It covers such a vast area of the inner thigh both longitudally and laterally.  It feels as though the muscle is hot, being twisted and stretched at the same time.  It usually lasts about 7 minutes.  Nothing helps other than occasionally I can point my heel outward and my toes towards me and slightly pull my right knee towards my lower body upward, but not always does that work.  When I got the first one I kept thinking "is this an aneurysm?".  It was so painful I almost got my husband to drive me straight to the ER.  But then it subsided and I didn't have another one until a few weeks later.

I have had them off and on now at least 3 or 4 times or more a month.  Yesterday while we were out shopping I had another one.  Had to find a chair and sit and then finally just got up and walked limping until it subsided.  Today it feels just like my leg has been badly bruised inside and out.  I am almost afraid to move a certain way because I know it will attack again with certain movements.

I notice this happening more when I sit at the computer for long periods of time, which I do often!  I think that it stems from that nerve that was affected in my disc area and spine.  I believe that it is directly related to our backs and the pressure upon those discs.  When those discs swell or get inflammed, they pinch that nerve that controls that particular area of the body.  That nerve is what I believe is causing the pain.  That is just my thoughts on it, certainly no medical opinion.  Just my own thoughts.  So...think about what you have done that would aggravate your discs and see if it has any relation to the cramping.  I am going to take more breaks away from my computer and do a little walking during the day and see if this occurs less often.  Make a diary of "when" you get these cramps and then check back to see what you have done the day before.  Maybe it will help.