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Hi there,
Earlier in the month I had very light spotting that only lasted for one evening, prior to this my stomach had been cramping for about 3 days. I keep getting a high temperature and have had really bad diareah for the last 4 days. My breasts have noticably grown and feel very sore.
Could I be pregnant?
Thanks, Nat


Hi Nat,

I am in the same boat...i have major cramps, sometimes in uterus, or more to the sides.... i am not sure if it is fever or hot flushes... on top of it i have a hello of a headache...

The cramps are not continuous but comes and goes and they are sharp pains that lasts a few seconds.My period is 6 days late.

My breasts are sore and they seem heavy and huge... i also dont know what to expect and think I am pregnant... but of course, admittingly don't want to take a test to know the disappointment of a negative result... 8-|

I hope someone reads our predicament and gives advice... I am really concerned



hey, yesterday and all through today ive been getting a sharp pain through my uterus and sometimes on both sides. The bumps around my nipples are more enlarged, yesterday i felt so moody toward my fiance, i felt like punching him! im quite tearful and having quite a few hot flushes and my finace keeps saying i feel boiling to touch! i should be due on this week, but the cramping is different, everything i usually feel before my period if different, plus me and my fiance we're not very careful last week, which was around my ovulation i pregnant?