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about creatine can it effect any one tring to get pregant in any way as my boyfriend is a body builder?


Hi Debbie,

Based on what I know about creatine, it should be fine for him to continue to use this - it simply provides more energy to help fuel the muscles he is building and is not a stimulant. Now, if he is taking any other energy-type supplements, those should be refrained from since they may have negative effect since fat-burners target many different receptors in the body.

If you are taking any creatine/fat-burners, it is advisable to stop before trying to conceive simply due to the fact that many of these can cross across the placenta and through the baby's blood-brain barrier and may have detrimental effects.

---just a little stuff I remember from my physiology classes... hope it helps, but it may be helpful to talk to your ob-gyn or family practitioner to get the final ok :-D

Good luck!!