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I did the Six Weeks and then took a rest.

I don't mean that I stopped eating on the plan entirely, but I took a break from the walks since the heat had gotten intense here and I added peanut butter and bananas a couple of times and once in the month break I had a whole egg and a piece of toast.

After the 6 weeks I had lost 40 pounds. After the month of rest I had lost 50 lbs. Yep, that's right, I continued to lose despite the non-exercise and cheating a tiny bit.

I also took the break to give my skin a chance to catch up with me since skin renews itself every 28 days and that worked out nicely.

I've just restarted and I want to lose another 40 pounds before the holiday season starts. I might just go for fifty to give myself 10 pound leeway and then stick to the plan most of the week except for the family dinner parties.

Come next summer I plan to be at the pool in a bikini for the first time in fifteen years.

Fifteen years is a long time to wait and endure. I broke my back in '92 so can empathize with folks who have trouble sticking to a plan that makes you hurt.

This one doesn't require you to jump around and bang your body up to get results.

This one doesn't starve you. This one give you a support forum for partners, buddies, groups, and has a recipe exchange with hundreds of recipes to try so you learn how to cook healthy.

So many people keep saying "Oh! no salt?" Salt is NOT a flavoring. Salt blooms or intensifies the flavor of the food you put it on, it is not a flavor in and of itself.

Going without salt, lots and lots of grease, and sugar will help you appreciate the flavors of the food itself.

And a really funny thing happens. When you go back to using these things then you find that much of the pre-prepared food is too too salty, far too greasy and way too sweet. You will naturally curb these things yourself so you can taste the food.

Folks can continue on the really bad overprocessed, overcooked and overpreserved American diet and get sick, get fat and need medical intervention - it's their choice - be a victim and let others take care of you.

Or, get proactive about your health and learn to cook fresh, healthy and really tasty food that assists you with taking care of your health and well-being.

Michael Thurmond's program may cost - once. The you do it over and over as many times as you need and if in a year you regain some, well, you STILL have the materials and can start again.

It's waaaaay cheaper than the meals delivered plans, and waaaaay cheaper than some of the "medical" weight loss centers that maje you keep coming back, and paying each time, week after week.

If you are truly strapped for money than this plan is the cost-effective one.

You simply have to commit to yourself.



I did the 6 week body makeover and lost 25 lbs. I think if it doesn't work for some they were not honest on their questionnaire to determine their body type. Right after I lost the weight and was creeping up on the 30 lb loss mark, I got pregnant with our 2nd child. She's 4 months now and I'm TRYING to get motivated to get back into the 6 wk body makeover mode! I gained 60 lbs with this pregnancy and have lost about 40, just breastfeeding, but I'd like to get the more svelte sillouette back. I just can't seem to find the motivation yet, this diet works though. I completed one week and lost about 8 lbs and then fell off the wagon again, that was 3 weeks ago. Now that the holidays are almost over, I'm looking forward to getting ready for bikini season!


It's a completely ridiculous, nonsensical statement to call this a scam.

They don't ask you to join a program or give them money repeatedly.

You aren't called upon to drink their powders, eat their food, or pay for their meetings.

There's no re-up fee.

The crux of the plan, as in any dietary plan, is to eat less and exercise.

It teaches you to make low calorie, high protein substitutions for your normal meals and even encourages you to eat more small meals, as would any good nutritionist. It gives you recipes (as does every plan) it helps you choose the right foods (as does every plan.) It even shows you small, but effective exercises to help you get in shape without use of a gym. In fact, the only real advantage to going with the plan is the body-type mapping it does which shows you which foods you should respond best to (which, if you ask me, is pretty damn cool and worth the money alone.) That's NOT A SCAM. It's a logical, step-by-step nutritional program. It's even cardiac patient friendly. Even if it didn't work for you (which I highly doubt is likely if done correctly) it wouldn't be a scam by it's very nature.

I did the plan for 6 weeks - lost 40 pounds. Then I got lazy and put the weight back on over the last 2 years. Now I'm looking forward to starting on it again tomorrow.

Only a fool blames his tools for his shortcomings. Stop being a fat jerk and work at something.


Actually the above is a little misleading. You eat less of the c**p food, less salt, less processed sugary foods, less fat, but - YOU EAT 5-6 TIMES A DAY! Depending on your sex, height and Eating Plan you will eat 2-3 - or - 5-6 ounces of protein AND a vegetable AND sometimes fruits - 5 to 6 TIMES A DAY!

Why am I emphasizing that? Because you are NEVER hungry. I mean stomach hungry, not the "I think I should be able to eat all the c**p in the world and not suffer" hungry.

EXERCISE: Yes a little exercise. HOWEVER, this plan is very, very clear NEVER to go over your target heart rate. I was walking very, very slowly at first as I was way out of shape. Near the end of the first six weeks I was walking a normal pace, but it was slowly at first.

I NEVER did the band exercises. I still lost 40 pounds in six weeks. I took a rest and introduced eggs a few times and peanut butter and bananas - no walking. I still lost another ten pounds in that month!

I agree with the rest of what you say. I suspect that if someone did the body mapping and eating plan alone they would STILL lose weight.

They have people in wheelchairs doing this program over in their forums as a program what will work for those with limited mobility.

It will work for anyone who commits to the fact that they are more unhappy being overweight and unhealthy than they are letting go of their favorite foods for a short time.

As said before, the Living Lean part of the program offers you three (3) different ways to manage your weight loss and health AFTER the 6-week program.

a) You can start eating from all of the different lists, adding things back in that you couldn't have before and monitoring how you do.

b) You can continue the same eating plan and one (1) day a week eat whatever you want as long as you only do it one day and eat 5-6 times that day. Your metabolism won't stop over one day.

c) or wipe it all away and knowing what you've learned about yourself develop your OWN plan. Simply avoid what you know you have to, keep eating 5-6 times a day, but make your own plan.

Too many people fail because;

1) Not committed.

You really don't want to do it but are pressured from someone/something else. Stop. Decide if YOU WANT to do a plan because you want the benefits from it. If you don't, fine. Just don't complain about it if you give-in to someone else's pressure.

2) Not following the plan.

You HAVE to drink water. You HAVE to temporarily give up salt, fats, and processed sugars. You HAVE to eat 5-6 times a day. You HAVE to be honest with yourself and do the blueprint to find out what eating plan is for you. Minimally. If you want it to go faster/lose more - walk 30-60 minutes a day.

YOU have to care enough about YOU to do this.

3) Not following the right plan.

The 6 Week Body Makeover comes with a Six DAY Mini-Makeover and I think a lot of people - specifically women - try to do this instead of the six week plan.

The 6 Day Mini IS restrictive - much much more than the Six Week Plan. It's foods aren't flexible - AT ALL.

So don't complain about the Six Week Body Makeover when what you really tried doing was the 6 Day Mini-Makeover - over and over and over.

There's a reason they are separate and you found out why. Now get honest and do the Six Week Plan if that's what you really need to do.

4) People want to be miserable and surround themselves with people they can MAKE miserable. These folks whine and gripe about anyone doing a plan like this. They work on making those around them fail at betterment for inexplicable reasons. They are not to be pitied - they are to be avoided as they will drag you down and keep you there with their criticism and making fun of you.

It's NOT just weightloss, but learning to play an intrument, getting a better job, wanting a better house - they will talk and talk and talk you down and make you feel as though you just can't.

Get rid of them if you can, avoid them when you cannot (boss, mother, brother, etc) Do everything you can to lessen their impact and influence on your life - and then, get on with YOUR LIFE.

Good luck everyone - I wish you well. :)


The only scam with this is if you buy it and don't follow it. Be honest with the survey to check your body type and follow the assigned plan. I started it with no exercise and lost 18 lbs in 3 days, most was water weight since your sodium is reduced, but its a good motivational sign and gets you excited about it. Follow the plan and don't cheat at all for the first 2-4 weeks, then make your critique. Its just a sensible diet, if it didnt work for you , then YOU did something wrong or cheated yourself and are looking for an excuse.


I can not believe anyone would call this program a SCAM!! I have fought weight loss my entire dult life...I have a very slow metabolism and despite excersing and cutting portions, I could NOT lose any weight. A friend of mine I ran into at a graduation had lost 70 lbs in 3 months and looed great and was very happy. He told me about Michael Thurmond...I was on as soon as I got home from the graduation...I lost 35lbs in 8 weeks and have not gained it back!

This program works!


I too have been on this plan and lost weight up to a point. Then the weight stopped coming off. And like most of you I have been and am still overweight. Well I came back to this plan and started doing some more research on it and the things it talks about because I am curious about my overall health and not just my weight.

First off if you are diabetic please make sure you are asking your doctor about this plan prior to doing it. Yes there is a section on diabetics but please be safe and don't trust just anyone, trust your doctor. Also Mr. Thurmond is in no way a scientific researcher. In fact I have asked about the so called research they have done concerning this plan and was not given any answer to that question. The below link also states that there has never been any type of scientific research done to support any of his claims.
In the end what this diet is, is almost the same you hear about when watching the biggest looser and listening to your doctor. Eat less, exercise more and learn about what will make you healthy.

If anyone is interested in seeing what experts say about his plan please click on the above link.


This last post above ^ - I personally feel very suspicious of your claim "I too have been on this plan"

I think that either you are a staffer at, perhaps the chickie who wrote the article?

Or one of those poor folk who HAVE to HAVE a "so-called" expert tag their name on something before you will believe it. Poor soul, you have problems making decisions on your own - don't you?

The proof is in all of us who have lost weight by COMMITTING to the program, not poo-poo'ing anything and JUST DOING IT. We have lost weight and kept it off.

WE don't need anyone holding our hands for support - although the program has all the support you can want if you desire it.

WE also don't need anyone patting us on the heads saying, "Good boy!" like a stimulus response dog.

We are happy to find out we can get out of the "societal box" and think for ourselves, learn something about ourselves, and succeed without paying reams and reams of cash to any "big business" that try to legislate our control away.

There ARE some people who will ALWAYS need help, they are your public, not us. It's okay that they insist on needing you and fine that you supply them...sounds like drug deealers, doesn't it?

...Just get the heck away from the rest of us. We don't want big business/big brother controlling us.

This plan works for the self-starters, and those not afraid to commit - to THEMSELVES.


Hey, I just wanted to say I have this plan, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I purchased it back in Oct of 2007 when my dr told em that I needed to watch my weight gain because I was getting up there and becoming unhealthy and was on the "fast track" to being worse. I lost 17 lbs in the first 2 and half weeks (which i followed strictly and to the tee...) and continued losing 1-3 lbs a week after that with moderate cheating (went from 156 down to 119 over all and i am 5'1"). I never gained the weight back until recently I gained about 8 lbs due to I started eating at fast food chains constantly because I had a huge lifestyle change. So I am now going back on it JUST TO FEEL HEALTHY AND ENERGETIC AGAIN! That's right...When I was following this plan to the tee I was feeling less lethargic, actually had a lto of energy...Was happier in mood...And what kept me motivated to always work in the healthier stuff adn to follow the plan striclty was I felt like a little bit of work and prep for food right now, no added salt, no added sugars, no all worth it for right now to be able to fit in the clothes I want to fit into for the rest of my life. This plan jump starts yours metabolism. It is impossible to NOT lose weight if you follow the instructions to a tee.

Oh, and all the weight I lost-I never even worked out once aside from the eliptical every now and again and jogging every now and again. However, I am aout to start d using the band because I understand how it scientifically HAS to work.

Anyone thinking about getting this plan-Def get it, follow the directions and make your desire to be fit, healthy and energetic bigger and stronger than your desire for your sugars, greases/fats/oils/dairies. As long as you follow the instructions you will lose your weight...And as long as you don't go out of you way to destroy your metabolism (like me eating once a day at a fast food restaurant instead of 5-6 small meals of healthy foods and proportions...) after you go off the 6 week part of the plan, you will keep the pounds off...

Micheal Thurmond is a weight loss and health genius.

:-) I wish I could thank him personally. His plan has changed my life and my self perspective.


This program is absolutely wonderful. I purchased it once a few years ago. I lost 10 pounds the first week and after 40 days, i had lost almost 30 pounds. Scam???? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I just bought the program again because I gave the last one away after it worked so wonderfully for me. I began a week ago and have already lost 9.6 pounds.

I think the people who are failing on this plan is either cheating or not committed to giving the program a REAl try. I encourage all of you who thinks it's a scam to try it again. I have given this product to so many people as gifts and I am amazed at the weight that they have lost.

Michael Thurmond may not be a physician, but the information he provides in his plan is logical and it works. If it didn't work for you, please don't discourage others who may be more committed than you, and who would actually follow the plan and be successful!

I wish I could personally thank Michael Thurmond as well. :D


I ordered the program last Saturday. I am 5'3" and am almost 250 lbs - I have yo yoed for YEARS and been on every conceivable "diet" and "plan" been totally addicted to diet pills, taking as many as 16 per day (many years ago) I'm way way too old to try that now - it'd kill me at my age. I have picked up the phone a baker's dozen times to order this program and FINALLY committed - after doing so, I came on line to see what others had to say about this "fruit cake" who'd talked me out of my unemployment LOL - yep, I am on unemployment and STILL believe this is worth the expenditure. Logically, I am not paying a weekly or monthly "fee" or "service charge" for the rest of my natural life to be a member, no gym membership fees, all I need is the desire to be healthier, more attractive to others AND MOST IMPORTANTLY TO THAT FACE IN THE MIRROR - SHE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS AND SHE HAS HATED MIRRORS FOR YEARS - worse, she has hated herself for being weak, ugly, fat and lazy. I matter and if Michael Thurmond can give me the will to do this, God bless his heart and life. I don't give a rat's behind how rich he gets of me and others if he can make me happy again and that's how you should feel to.

If someone has the power to INSPIRE you to make changes that make you happy, make you healthy, extend YOUR life, give you back what you had or give you what you have NEVER had but longed for it is worth all the gold in Ft. Knox, there is no price that can be placed on something you can never get back - there will never be another Mona Lisa, another Verdi's Aida, there will never be another Beatles' Abby Road, and once today is gone for you it is gone forever - there will never be another YOU. Every day you continue to live in misery, regret, sorrow, unhappiness, anger, is a day gone, wasted never to be regained or lived over. All you get is another day older to face the same sad story. To inspire you to change your life in a positive manner is as priceless as the change itself. Nothing that initiates that kind of change is a scam REGARDLESS of the amount of money you pay for it - because it is PRICELESS - if you have been unable to get the motivation otherwise, and THIS motivates you - IT is priceless because YOU are priceless.

If you are not committed to YOU - don't waste your money, your time or the sympathy of others - if you don't love yourself enough to give up TEMPORARILY salt, refined sugar, and nasty slippery sticky grease - for SIX weeks - then you simply will not succeed at this. It does not require you to lift a finger - you get better, more accelerated results if you walk or use the bands - but you CAN eat your way to a healthier you in SIX weeks IF YOU WANT TO. My understanding is that after the six weeks, you can add in a few of the "bad" things but self-control will surely always be key - you can have a "free for all food fest day" sit and eat chocolate all day one day a week if you want to - THAT alone would make it worth while for ME - heck, most of us LIVE for Friday anyway - we muddle through the week and just wait and pray for Friday to come - if this plan makes you feel like you've given something up - change the way you look at it - you are giving something up for a reward - a healthier you AND a free for all day. The beauty that I see in this is it empowers you to take control of what you do and you can make it fun if you try - experiment with recipes, make food a fun event - you OBVIOUSLY already LOVE FOOD or you wouldn't be fat - learn to love it more - for it's color, texture, flavors, fragrance, combinations with other foods.

If you are committed, you can do this and it will work for you. The advice on these pages is simply inspiring to me and I appreciate everyone taking the time to reply to the "is it a scam" question. You all have excited me to no end. I can hardly wait for my kit to arrive. My fridge is empty, my cupboards are bare and I'm on my last three liters of Dr. Pepper - I will enjoy them while I can because for six weeks, I will be sodium free, sugar free and fat, lard and grease free. I am saving my grocery shopping until I get my kit later this week. My plan is to then add a MINIMAL AMOUNT of sugar back - a survival amount LOL. I am not a big salt or grease person but sugar is a true weakness - but this will inspire me to choose my sins wisely. I am truly excited about this, excited about being able to walk my dogs without feeling like I'm DYING for breath by the end of the block, excited about not struggling to put on a seat belt, DYING trying to put on panty hose, having to spread my legs to tie tennis shoes, excited about not getting sick when I see myself naked in the mirror, about the possibility of getting back into some of my skinny clothes, shopping for REAL sizes instead of hoping to find my size in the racks at the "recycle shops" yes, I shop at second hand stores, thrift stores, Good Will and if you think it's hard to find clothes to fit in REGULAR stores -- try THAT!!

Find what "dreams" excite you and move toward those - read these posts and others, take advantage of the provida website forums - see how they managed, where they found hope and DO IT - stand at the end of the diving board and JUMP into new possibilities FOR YOU.

Good luck to all of you - I can't wait to check back in six weeks, 30 lbs lighter and three months less 50 and six months less 75 - OR WHATEVER I set my goals at - they will be reasonable, attainable and WORTH IT because I am - JUST AS YOU ARE. OH, I also ordered the buddy kits for a few friends of mine who are all equally overweight - we will make this happen TOGETHER and think about this we have chosen to do this in the HEART of the eating season - THANKSGIVING - imagine - our first healthy GUILT FREE Thanksgiving - I can hardly wait to prepare the menu. No cheesey squash cassarole, no four sticks of real butter in the mashed potatoes, no processed bread stuffing loaded with sodium - I can experiment with fruits sorbets for dessert - it just doesn't get better than having the same foods but TASTING them for the first time in our lives! I am SOOOOO excited.


Hey dixiedragon, :-)

Good for you on getting this plan.

Remember, it's a plan, not a diet. It's a lifelong tool to give you power
to live your life the way that you want.

I strongly suggest taking advantage of the forum for the plan.
The site information will be included with your package.

There are a lot of people over there sharing tips and tricks, recipes,
and general support.

Have fun, and let's all ring in the New Year with more bounce in our step
and a wider smile on our faces! :-)


I'm not like some of the people that have signed on for the 6 Week Body Makeover. I'm not drastically over-weight but have picked up nearly 20 pounds (much of it in my mid-section) in the last 5 years since starting menopause. I ride a bike no less than 6 miles a day nearly very day of the week, and am an Equestrian athlete. While always being mindful of what I ate my entire life, eating the occasional decadent treat, or eating something like fast-food here n there didn't do me in.

So I find myself in menopause with a closet full of clothes I can't wear on the fast-track to (maybe) being VERY much over-weight.

So what's a person to do? Physical activity certainly isn't the problem in my life, it's the 'time' of life that's the problem and what's always worked for me in the past needed to be tweaked.

Enter the 6 Week Body Makeover! Finally a program that seems realistic to me! It DOESN'T focus on exercise (but is encouraged) and I already do enough of that anyway. Another thought when I'd considered some kind of modified eating program that places a heavy emphasis on exercise is that I'm not going to be able to go to the gym every day of my life until I die so something about the way I ate needed to change!

Regardless of the fact that my eating habits were pretty healthy already, I found that this program required that I make some pretty dramatic changes to some lifelong habits that (I guess) were now contributing to my increasing weight problem. Chief amoung the No-Nos of Michael Thurmond's program was cutting out salt (!) and paring back on my intake of fats (e.g. red meats, eggs, butter...). But I stuck to the program and was realistic about what my 6 week goal was for weight loss (10 pounds). I'd determined that if I didn't lose at least 10 pounds at the end of 6 weeks I was going to send it back.

But 6 weeks later I lost 11 pounds bringing my weight down to 137. I can once again enjoy the clothes in my closet and be happy that while some of them may be close fitting the majority of them look AND feel good!

This diet is definitely not a scam, but it really does take dedication. I'm at a point where I can allow myself to enjoy some foods that would normally be forbidden when a special occasion comes along (like Thanksgiving!) - it's back to the program today. For me I don't see my change in eating habits as temporary but a permenant (positive) change.

Best of Luck.......


I find myself so frustrated when I see posts that state "this is a scam, don't buy it!" You know, for a lot of people it is really REALLY hard to lose weight. Even with programs that work, biology, age, lifestyle, and health all play a factor on if and how you lose weight. If you followed this plan to a T and it didn't work, try doing one of the more stringent meal plans or retake the body type test. If it still fails, see a doctor because you may have hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism, etc. But don't make such passionate allegations without doing that first.

I began doing the 6 week body makeover May 19, 2008. I did it for for about 7 1/2 weeks, and stopped on the day I lost my job, July 14, 2008. I began at 206 lbs. I was always normal, never super thin, my average weight was about 135 lbs. When I got pregnant I gained a lot of weight, had the baby and never lost it. Then I gained about 10 lbs per year until I got to 206 lbs. I did Slimfast after my son was born and lost about 10 lbs in 2 mths. It wasn't bad, but I was starving, and not losing much weight. I tried Nutrisystem for a month and lost 10 lbs but I couldn't realistically afford to pay $370 per month on food for just me, so after a month I had to stop. Since I had never really dieted prior to my pregnancy, I didn't really know how to lose weight. I started trying to eat "healthy" but realized I had no idea what that meant. And I pretty much gave up the thought of ever weighing 130 lbs again.

I saw the ad at 5 am and saw that it said "lose 30 lbs in 6 weeks or your money back." on top of that you only have to pay 19.99 for the program plus 19.99 for shipping. They then bill you the rest in installments.. bottom line, by the time the 6 weeks were up I would have only been out $40.00. If they didn't return my money, I figured I would just dispute my credit card charge. I got it a few days later.

I won't lie. This plan is VERY difficult to do.

NOT because its hard itself but because it requires two things: either plenty of time to cook constantly, or YOUR patience to make food in bulk and then eat the same thing over and over again until you find time to cook again. Because you eat every 3 hrs, even cooking in bulk doesn't last very long. I cooked 3 packets of chicken and it lasted me 2 days. It requires a LOT OF COOKING. if you don't like to cook, then don't do this plan.

It also requires you to pretty much carry food with you all the time. B/c time flies regardless of what you're doing and your options for prepackaged or fast food are so limited, you pretty much have to go everywhere with little tupperware containers.
On top of that, if you aren't used to eating all the time, you might feel gross the first few days; bloated even. Having proteins and carbs all day can do that.
Ironically, the first day you'll feel like you're starving b/c you are eating so little at each meal.

As the plan progresses though, your stomach adjusts and your metabolism speeds up.. You will not need to look at the clock because in 3 hrs you will be starving.

So, my personal experience. I did the plan for about 2 days, got tired of eating so much food and feeling bloated, so I stopped. I waited about 3 weeks and finally realized that I needed to start this before the 8 week guarantee passed, so I started it again. I didn't really lose weight the first week. And I had a can of Coke with dinner every night. By the 2nd week though I stopped really craving the sugar and started to do the plan more stringently. by the end of week 5 on the plan (8 weeks after I bought it), I weighed 180 lbs. I was pretty satisfied that I had gone from 206 lbs to 180 lbs in 5 weeks and so decided not to return it. I did it for a few more weeks, and got to 170 lbs. I was weighing 36 lbs less than when I started. I was ecstatic since it had only been 7 1/2 weeks since i started the plan. After that, a lot of the eating tips and rules were ingrained in me. I only stopped b/c I was concerned that if I kept losing weight so quickly my skin would not have time to bounce back and I didn't want to be like those people who lose 80 lbs and then need plastic surgery to get rid of all the skin. So I stopped, kept eating kinda healthy, but went about my business. I started law school in August (I was 25 yrs old) and one day in Sept. I weighed myself and was at 163 lbs. I had left the diet 1 1/2 mths earlierand was 7 lbs thinner. My total weight loss was 43 lbs.

Its March 2010, and the weight is still off. I am about to restart it to try to lose the rest and get back to my high school weight of 124 lbs.

This plan will work. Before I bought it I was scared b/c most plans are c**p, they pay the people for the testimonials, and they make you sicker rather than healthier. I have given this plan to my sister, my boss, my best friend, and pretty much any stranger that will listen. If you are swaying, try it. At the most, even if for some reason you dont get your refund the total cost of the ENTIRE plan paid in full is $140.00 . Not really a huge deal.


Starting weight: 206 lbs
Ending weight: 163 lbs
Time kept off: 21 mths