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Probably just going to do this 2X / week; Thursday and Sunday.

Pretty much just focusing on upper body through the summer since my legs are getting their fair share from the bike and running. When I switch back to the off-season, I'll start up again with lower body workout too.

Everything for 3 sets and in the range of 12-15 reps ::

Dorsal Raises
Overhead press
Flat Bench
Straight Leg Dead Lifts
tricep press-down
Lat pulls
1 arm dorsal raises
back machine

I'd also like something in addition to shrugs that will help with neck strength. I'm having some issues with long bike rides in the aero tuck position. I've got a gargantuan head and my neck gets sore from trying to support it for 3-4 hrs. at a time.


Routine looks pretty good. Very good mix of upper body stuff.


PH, the only question I have is that I thought a while back you said you were trying to get stronger in your upper body - build some more bulk. Your lifting program seems more geared towards endurance with the high amount of reps.


Rob - For now, I'm working more towards muscular endurance. When it's closer to the office season, I'll work on gaining more bulk.


Shrugs: Having those muscles big makes a person look so much stronger, but I think they are mostly useless. Or at least they often cause more harm than good. They cause pinched nerves and bad circulation I hear. Personally they make my neck perpetually stiff. And long car drives are especially not fun.

So I just don't do them anymore.

Rest of it looks fine I guess. Need a lot more info to really say for certain. Different things work for different people. I've found that unless I'm doing some sort of heavy lower body exercise, I cannot make any substantial strength gains on upper body.