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It was November 24 when I posted that I was starting a weight program, using this Mark Allen program:

I'm doing the following: lat pulldowns, bench presses, squats, leg curls, biceps curls, triceps pushdowns, lunges, dumbbell pullovers, and cable sitting rows

I've stuck with it since then, and I'm pretty happy with it, however my only complaint is how long it's taking me to finish a workout. Today I got to the gym at 3:30 and it was 5:20 when I was leaving. I'd like to keep my time in the gym under 90 minutes, maximum. Is this unrealistic?
I've been following the program pretty closely, just leaving out the back extensions (which I should probably be doing) and then doing some ab work after (10 minutes or so). I'm doing two sets of each exercise, twice a week. I'm in the phase of the program where it says you should count two on the contraction and 4 on the 'release' part. I rest about 30-60 seconds between sets. I guess my only option is to leave out an exercise or two. How necessary are the bicep curls and tricep pushdowns?
Any suggestions appreciated....


Can you superset a few of the exercises? (for you hardcore BB's, I know it's not a true superset)

For example ::

Do 1 set of lat pulls followed immediately by leg curls immediately back to lat pulls and then leg curls again? That way your lats/back is getting a rest while you hit your legs.

I've never tried that in a gym when I had to share with other people, only in the warehouse at work (where my weight bench used to be) when I was pressed for time over the lunch hour.


It is easy to cut your workout time, Don't take a shower when you are done! :D

Actually I am not sure how you can cut that workout time down any unless you split your workout and work on different areas of the body on different days.


I would try to minimize your down time between sets and excercises. Every 5 - 6 minutes you should probably be at a different excercise.

After checking out, I changed my workout plan a few weeks ago because my workouts were lasting almost 2 hours. I wanted to scale it back to around 1 hour in '04 and make it a complete body workout. So if I missed a few days it wasn't an issue. Sometimes I will get to the gym 4 times a week, sometimes I will get to the gym twice a week.

I'm able to do all of these excercises:
Dumbell Bent-Over Row
Cable Upright Row
Dumbell Bench Press
Smith Shoulder Press
Cable (Bicep) Curl
Dumbell Lying (Tricep) Extension
(Strive) Leg Extension
Kneeling Individual Leg Curl
Standing Calf Raises
Seated Crunch Machine
Ab Bench
in just over an hour.

I plan to rotate these excercises on the 1st day of each month for variety. is a great web site for designing your own workout plan. I highly recommend it!



Great idea. If you can go when it is not busy.


That sounds like a lot of time for that list 8O . Either superset like was suggested or go first thing in the morning. The fewer the people you need to wait for, the shorter the workout. I can do nearly twice as much in an hour in the morning v. when I go at lunchtime, so great is the machine wait time.


My weight is 110lbs and I don't have the courage or strength on how to start gaining. I not a fan of sports and lifting, my appetite is very low I can't eat much rice seeing my friend same age same height he can eat half a kilo of rice while if you ask me I can only eat 1 cup. I tried taking mosegor it's a multivitamins for appetite and had a side effect of drowsiness. Nothing works.