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I have come out in boils over the last few days and all in all, it is making me feel extremely uncomfortable. I should say that I suffer from crohn's disease and that the boils are probably linked to that. I would like to make them go away as soon as possible! Can anyone tell me what I need to do to make that happen?


Hello there rustie1010,

I am so sorry that you are suffering from Crohn’s disease because I am aware that this condition can be very unpleasant sometimes, and the boils are just one among all the others symptoms. Although there is no cure for Crohn’s disease the symptoms such as boils, which are cavities containing pus, and fistulas, formation of small passages that connect the intestine with other organs or the skin, can be treated.

When it comes to the boils you need to visit your doctor to prevent any further complications. Using anti-inflammatory medications such as amino salicylate tablets is essential to prevent severe attacks. If your condition is moderate then your condition requires corticosteroid tablets. I hope this was helpful