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Day 8

I'm on day 8 of recovery from my sleep apnea surgery which included a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, uvula reduction, and reduction of the nasal turbinates. I'm a 35-year-old mother of four and have put off this surgery for nearly 12 years due to fear from others' horror stories. From a friend's friend who claims to have awaken from his tonsillectomy with his tongue sewn to the back of his throat, to my sister-in-law's warning not to do the surgery because her friend died from a tonsillectomy, it seemed the odds were stacked against me. I honestly feared for my life and cancelled the surgery TWICE! After a horrid bout with chronic tonsillitis last year when I started a new job, I decided to to brave the unknown and do the surgery. I couldn't continue to live with such a decreased quality of life. And I'm glad I made that decision!

Yes, the recovery is painful, but bearable. I've been taking my pain meds on schedule to manage pain, hydrating like crazy to avoid complications, and resting patiently to allow my body the 2-4 weeks of healing it needs. Honestly, this just feels like my worst case of FINAL case of tonsillitis! This pain may last a few weeks, but the benefits will last a lifetime. And I'm already beginning to reap the benefits. I can breath better already, even though the swelling hasn't all gone down quite yet. I took 2 naps today without my CPAP machine and rested very well without awaking with any apnea episodes! People make a huge fuss about every phase of recovery, especially when the scabs come off. I'm pretty sure mine have begun coming off, as today and yesterday have been more painful that previous days and I can see the changes in my throat. But if you follow the doctors instructions, no worries, you'll get through it just fine. In my opinion, the benefits greatly outweighed the risks.

I felt compelled to write my positive experience this for those of you who are considering a tonsillectomy but perhaps are frightened by the many horror stories that abound online. Don't take those to heart. Do what's best for your health. Follow doctors orders, pray & meditate (or whatever you may do for spiritual fulfillment), and take care of yourself. Remember, The pain of a tonsillectomy may last for only a few weeks, but the benefits will last a life time! I do NOT regret getting this done. If anything, I would've done it sooner!


Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience and calming mine and I'm sure other peoples nerves who are preparing for the procedure. Tomorrow I am scheduled t. Have a tonsillectomy endoscopic sinus surgery with reduction of turbines as well as removing a cyst and my anxiety has been getting the best of me.