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Hi there i am 18 yrs old this is my day 6, and i have had a pretty bad day i am sucking on some ice, i moved the ice cube to my right side and it just barely hit the back and it stung,it wasn't like it usually is really "razor" blade like, is the new skin sensitive when the scabs are beginning to come off?


Hello, I see that you had a tonsillectomy.  Many people I know have had it and it is not a drive through the park.  They have experienced much pain with it.  There could very well be much sensitivity to the area since it has been newly excised and tonsils removed.  This shouldn't be unusual, but it should improve with time.  It sounds like that you are getting along fine and should be doing great in another week.

Has anyone else had a tonsillectomy and if so, what was your experience with it?  Did you heal quickly or did you have much trouble with it?