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Tonsillectomy: I had tonsillectomy done on 7/6/12. So far I have no bleeding except it hurts like crazy each time I swallow, the first day of the surgery I went home and had some tap ramen with eggs. Today actually more sore when swallowing than the day of my surgery. I have been drinking water and juice as much as I can get so drowsy when taking narcotics pain won't go away but lessen after taking pain meds I finally looked at my throat the same day after the surgery it’s pretty scary but I’m so proud to myself I can handle it and so you all can too. By the way the pain meds I don’t take the 3 tsp. every 4 hrs. I take 1 ½ tsp instead. only because makes me dizzy but it’s up to you how you can tolerate the pain.

I have been eating Ramen, yogurt, mango popsicles and pudding, my appetite always up looking for something to eat, I wash my mouth each time after eating and taken meds. The only problem is today I’m still unable to do my number 2 in the bathroom, hoping will be able to go soon. The good thing is I can smell my mouth better than before I had my tonsils removed. I thought at my age it would be hard but actually no! I now on the 3rd day and plan to return to work on Friday maybe half day to see how I can tolerate the not the pain but at work LOL.  The doctors wanted me to be off work for 10days we shall see…but I guess I can return a little sooner than 10 days since the type of work I do is paper work I just have to ignore the phone a little bit.

Before I get bad breath easily because of the drainage in my tonsils but now, I can say it's worth it, this all types of comments are very helpful made me scared and strong at the same time LOL. It took me 5 yrs. to convince myself to do the tonsillectomy, but because of the help of all posted topics about tonsillectomy this is where I gained all my strength thank you all whether the topic was positive or negative it still helpful though that's why I owe my self-experience and want's to share to everybody also, right now I’m not feeling well but this is normal but as long as I don't smell the foul odor in my mouth I guess I’m content with my decision and my doctor called me and emailed me how I’m doing so that's a very positive and good assurance. Thank you all, by the way I’m 45 so if I made it you all can too. Good luck.



Thank you so much for that reassurance that every adult will not necessarily have a horrible experience. I am a 34-year-old single mom and not sure if I can do this because I don't really have anyone to stay with me if needed. However, I have suffered with tonsillitis all of my life. During my teenage years, I missed 2 weeks of school every year due to illness associated with the tonsils. And still no doctors would agree to surgery. They just didn't do that back then. Now, here I am suffering with severe inflammation and pain, constant tonsil stones, horrible breath and I've had enough. I'm seeing my doc tomorrow because now the white pus is covering my tonsils, I can barely turn my head, and have sore bumps on the back of my tongue. Oh, and the pain is going through my jaw. Any encouragement would be appreciated. Thanks.