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I'm due to have my tonsils out this Thursday (I am 43). I've read such dreadful reports I'm now getting worried. I am having the procedure done by laser, but I can't find out much about this as it is reletively new. It's meant to be better than the traditional method but who knows.

Anyone out there had their tonsils out by laser? Any advice / information would be very welcome!


No, you definitely shouldn't look forward to this. I wish someone would have warned me! I had to have this done because of severe sleep apnea, but I would never do it again unless I was under the threat of brain damage/death...which I guess I would be...

Anyway, I am 29 and on Day 6 post op from a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy and still in a ton of pain although I think I'm faring a lot better than most of the reports I've read on this site. I had mine lasered out. I didn't lose my sense of taste at all, I don't have any weird flavors in my mouth nor does my breath reek, but I do have the really sore/partially numb tongue problem that many people have reported. They clamp it down and push it out of the way for the hour-long surgery and don't really care how much they abuse the poor thing, so it's very painful in the days after the surgery, and particularly when you wake up. Because of the tongue swelling and pain, it's still difficult for me to talk and I sound a little weird when I try. When I swallow I feel like someone is stabbing me through my brain stem and in the middle of the forehead at the same time, and I'm quite hungry for pizza. They gave me liquid hydrocodone for pain but it didn't work at all but made me quite nauseous and tired so I stopped taking it after day 2 and never bothered to ask for something else because my doctor is an hour away. Some of the finer points of my hospital journey (I was in the ICU for 24 hours afterward because of my sleep apnea):

--I woke up totally nauseous from the anesthesia, and that lasted for about 16 hours.
--I slept for pretty much 24 hours straight after the surgery; I only woke up to vomit, and believe me, that's not comfortable. The anti-nausea medication didn't work for me, but I really hope it works for you!
--I was a smoker prior to this surgery so I have had a nice "gimme a cigarette" cough throughout my entire recuperation, since I have refused to give my lungs a cigarette up to this point. I figure it's been a week, might as well quit now.
--In the 24 hours after my surgery it was way too painful to swallow anything at all so I had this thick mucus-like substance in my mouth that was totally gross. I would brush my teeth to get rid of it but it just came right back. And I couldn't get it off my tongue anyway because my tongue hurt too bad to brush.
--I slept about 20 hours a day in the two days after the surgery, but on the third day I could be awake for about 12 hours without sleeping again. Now on Day Six I'm pretty much back to a normal sleeping pattern (for me).

I have eaten a LOT of popsicles in the past 5 days (I believe I went through 4 24-pack boxes); I think I would have been severely dehydrated if not for those. But I finished the last of my popsicles today and I'm totally popsicled out. I also have eaten a lot of sherbet--I tried regular ice cream but it didn't go down very well; it left a sort of coating on my tonsils that was icky and made me feel the need to wash it down with water which I did NOT want to do. So I recommend buying a ton of popsicles and sherbet and making those your staple foods. Yogurt also goes down pretty well, and pudding, and oatmeal if it isn't too hot, but everything else is some work and in some cases you'll need to swallow two or three times to get the whole bite down your throat. I've been giving some serious thought to putting some pizza through the food processor but I just don't know how well I could deal with pureed pizza. I have been able to drink soda since day 3 though I have drunk very little of it due to the pain of swallowing; but I had none of the burning pain other people have reported with soda. I also have had coffee but it was lukewarm because too hot isn't very comfortable.

Anyway hope I haven't freaked you out, but I've read some of the horror stories on here and I feel like I have been having a lot better time of it than some people although I still feel very sorry for myself and my pizza-less state. I only wish the tongue pain would go away soon--believe it or not I think that's the worst. Good luck!