The pain is gone, and it is only the 8th day. Is my body playing a trick on me and making me think i am all better and tomorrow is going to be a slap in the face again? I am all out of Codeine, but can get 1 refill. But do i need it? I did not have to use my Codeine at all today, it was amazing. I ATE SOLID FOOD!! AND I COULD TASTE IT!! It only got caught a little bit in my throat when i swallowed because, well, i have been eating nothing but jello so i was not used to swallowing.

These past couple days have been nothing but hell and pain. My throat did not hurt as much as my ears hurt. My ears waaaaayyyy more. I only took the Codeine to stop the ringing in my ears and so i could move my jaw without wanting to stab my ear drum out.

At night i was afraid to sleep because my breathing would get really off and i would cough a lot after i took the painkillers. My breathing became shallow and i could not take deep breaths at all. I was afraid i was going to stop breathing. So, like any 18 year old girl not wanting to sleep but had to stay home, i stayed up till the wee hours texting until i passed out from exhaustion.

Today i started to salivate a lot more then usual and spitting up weird gooky things, were those my scabs? Some of the gook was brown too. I have so many questions that my doctor never answered.

Who wants to play doctor and answer my questions :-) Please and thank youuuu I have a lot more questions... But it is 330 am and i need to take my Amoxicilin and go to sleep...Maybe sleep...Depends what is playing on Adult Swim ^_^

<3 Megan