So when trying to find information about my recovery I found none so here is mine to help anyone else. Day 1: The pain is very low for the first day, almost just sore and uncomfortable. I had started taking 2 paracetamol 4 times a day, 2 codeine 4 times a day and then 1 ibuprofen 3 times a day with meals and 1 amoxicillin 3 times a day just before meals! A hefty 22 pills in the day however I took the 2nd codeine very rarely as it made me feel sick! Day 2: This is where the pain starts! And it won't be ending for a while! it wasn't unbearable but it was enough to not want to eat! Especially as I hadn't eaten the day before due to nausea but however I managed a sandwich! EATING IS SO IMPORTANT!! The nurses should have told you this but you MUST chew food! It helps subside the pain! Nigh times there was nothing I could do! The pain was horrible over night! The only sleep I really managed to get was the first 3-4 hours when the pain meds were in action and first weared off! I found being on my side with a pillow closing off my ear really helped and normally managed to get a little more sleep! Day 3, 4, 5: I've grouped these days together as they were a blur of pain! These days were by far the worst! From what I'd been told it was where the scabs had formed and started tightening! The earaches came in on these days as well! It felt like my tongue was pulling the pain in my ears so I wasn't able to talk properly or eat! With the amount of tablets I was taking some had to be with food so I had to force down some soggy weetabix in the morning to have them! A tip I worked out is to have your painkillers just under an hour before you eat! And eat as much as you can at lunch time, that seemed to be the only time I could eat! And again hardly any sleep all week! Day 6: I think I had a sigh of relief on this morning as I found I felt so much better! The pain had gone down a considerable amount! It still felt like my tongue was causing the earaches so I wasn't 100% back to talking normally, I halved my pain meds so I was only taking 1 of each - this was a tip from a friend as if the pain got worse again I could up them! Day 7: hallelujah! I still woke up with the standard sore throat but after the pain meds kicked in it was fine! I managed to eat baked beans on toast(the toast was soggy from the source) but still it was amazing to eat! I also managed ham, egg and chips for dinner! I've just had to be careful that everything is fully chewed otherwise game over for 10minutes when it scratches the wounds! I didn't take my pain meds at all before lunch or before bed! Day 8: So I'm putting in this day as it may just help reassure you a little that the worst is definitely over! The pain is still quite low and I'm able to eat! Looking at my throat the scabs have thinned off and there's bloody looking specs that I've been told is good as the scabs are coming off! I've now finished taking the amoxicillin and ibuprofen so I'm only taking some of the pain meds when I actually need them! Handy tips: Make sure you chew! - even if it's gum! Keep drinking - or even get a humidifier. Take pain meds an hour before food. Eat watermelon - water+food=good Don't take full pain med dose if not needed. Sleep on side with pillows against ears or even try earplugs!