Tonsillectomy experience. 30 year old female. Suffered 3/4 bouts of tonsillitis a year since age 5. Im creating this post to put others mind at ease regarding tonsillectomy recovery. Im only on day 2 but im managing. My pain reaches a 9 at times, but when the codeine or tramadol kicks in i can eat and drink small amounts with a pain level of 5-7. I think this experience has been not too bad for me because ive had bouts of tonsillitis worse than this, but it is challenging. Its pretty painful on the ears especially when the pain killers wear off but i dont intend to let them wear off. Im taking codeine phosphate 60mg every 4 hours and tramadol 50mg before bed. I wake through the night to continue this routine. My recommendation would be drink body tempreture water because cold makes your throat muscles contract and hurt. whereas warm soothes and relaxes. Eat what you can, but scrambled eggs go down well, and so do pieces of ham. Banana and chocolate stung like hell, not sure if because of sugar content or just the texture stuck to the wounds. Day two and luckily no bleeding but through the night i cough a bit and feel as if im swallowing something, i think its my post nasal drip phlegm or maybe the white gunk from op. I had bipolar diathermy method which i think is mixture of steel and cauterisation. I honestly thought this experience would be worse. if you have had terrible tonsillitis in the past you will know exactly what to expect really. My surgeon said my left tonsil was bigger and really yukky and when he squeezed it lots of c**p came out. He sent for a biopsy but mentioned after that in 15 years he had not seen a bad biopsy result. Hmm. Anyway guys keep your heads and pain meds up!!