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My period is delayed 1 month now and I'm nervous. My guy and I have unprotected sex 2 weeks before my period date (supposedly), he only do withdrawal. Actually, I am feeling itchy that time and when I go to my gynecologist the next day, she prescribed me to use douche and vaginal suppository for the discharge for 1 week. It helped and she do a pap smear test after but unfortunately, I had Urinary track infection the following days. Our family doctor prescribed me to take Cefalin (500mg), anti biotic I guess, for two weeks. I finished my last capsule 1 week before Christmas. May last period was Nov. 10.

I haven't take a pregnancy test but planning to though. Could this delayed be cause of the medications?

Need your expertice!!! Thanks.


hi, i am a 20 year old girl. I usually have regular periods and the cycle is normally of 28-30 days. This time my period is delayed for nearly a month now. I am really worried.
I had oral sex with my boyfriend just after my last period which was on the 26th of Dec 06. I went to a gynocologist and she gave me some tests to do, but it is surely not pregnancy tests.
I got high fever just after my last periods and i took alot of medicines and anti- biotics, what do you think is the reason for my delay in periods and do you think it will effect my health.
I always get a sevier spine pain, headache, muscle cramp and a stomach pain a week before my periods and it contines to be there until the first or second day on my period. I dont take any pills and i did not have sex with my boyfriend.

I really need your help!!!

Thanks in advance. :-(


I talk about oral sex every week in my boy friend,some time I m doing touching sex in my boy friend,my periods date some time earlier come,but this time 1 month delay, so what is the reason, pls tel me,