I don't understand this.  I have been on Methadone/Methadose for the past 20 years!  No kidding.  When I only go to my doctor once a month, 12 times a year, it's hard to see the time flying by, but it does.  Both of my kids are also on this stuff but I begged them to get off after a year.  So far, one has been on it for four years, the other, I can't remember.  It's a terrible drug.  I remember reading somewhere, that when one is on this drug for years, one can work out vigorously, all day long, 24/7, 365 days a year, 24 hrs a day and NEVER get the "NATURAL ENDORPHINS BACK" that the brain once, naturally supplied as the brain becomes lazy, after getting use to the drug supplying the chemicals....so they no longer produce on their own..is this true?   Why would any doctor NOT suggest we get off after a year??  I can even see a few years however, 20??  I don't understand, the logic behind that.  I dropped down 55 mcg on my own 6 years ago but find, once they switched it over to Methadose, myself craving drugs...this is unlike me.  I also heard there are NO pain meds in Methadose as opposed to methadone..for I went to go for cancer surgery and my doctor who gives me the methadose told me NOT to tell them at the hospital that I was on Methadose as there is NO PAIN medication in Methadose.  Where as Methadone DOES have pain meds.  They kept it hush-hush so that they wouldn't have a bunch of "drug addicts" freaking out, about the two drugs being different.  So sad however, so true.