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23 yrs I have been on 20-30 mgs of methadone, for a back injury. 3 failed ops, and 3 yrs ago a new injury to my back at a new location. Now because I am a marijuana user I'm being denied meds. They cut me to one 10 mg a day then nothing. I went before without and it was horrible. I can't deal with 10 mgs a day. I have begged for help and to no response. any advice?


I had been on methadone 30 mgs for about 8 years, and I moved to a new city. I started taking the methadone for the neck pain I have, because nothing else worked. I didn't get the euphoric feelings from the methadone like I had all the oxycontin with lortab for break through pain. I felt like I was taking a pill all the time with those meds, but one I started to methadone my whole world didn't center around pain 24/7. Since moving to this new city I have been forced into detox without a choice- and I feel lousy absolutely lousy, every day I feel like I'm getting worse, and weaker... I have no energy what so ever... If you're being denied the meds becuz of the marijuana use.... which one of them helps you the most? I guess you need to pick whether you want to be comfortable with a desireable methadone dose, or 10 mgs of methadone and still have your marijuana use. It would be an easy decision for me, but I never really was into smoking weed....I'm in a new city with no family or friends... I've been to the Dr., Urgent Care, and ER, and I'm not getting anywhere. I am given all these numbers of pain specialists like 40, and the discharge from the ER says see a pain specialist in 1-2 days, well guess what? I can't get in to any of them. 

this is day 3 for me, other than I started on 30 mgs of methadone, and once I was faced with not being able to see a doc. I reduced to 10 mg a day for 9 days....because i only had 9 pills left....but by day 9 of the reduction I was pretty useless. The pain in the whole body, and legs, not to mention the pain that is always there in my neck.  I'm either burning up, or freezing, and I can't quiet my legs. I have a headache that just won't go away, and I never get headaches. I still can't believe that I was forced into this detox withdrawal, now I can't even work like this, so you guessed it...I lost my job. Life is just dandy, and I have no family- I am alone in this period. Its so much work to breathe...its taken more out of me to type this than any energy I have.