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Hello, fellow diabetics!  I have a question to air here.  When you went to re-new your drivers license, did you pass the visual field tests and did you get your driving license?  I am a bit concerned about going to have the test done.  I am very independent and I drive to lots of places and destinations.  So does anyone have any input about this? 


Hello Guest.  I am sure you will be able to get your license if you follow the rules and regulations set forth by your state's department of transportation.  You need to pass your vision test when you go to have your license renewed.  The drivers license bureau may want to see your vision at 20/40 or close to that.  If you don't pass the eye exam, you will be given a form and you will need to take this to the eye doctor, or ophthalmologist/optometrist.  You may get a 30-day temporary license if your eyesight meets certain criteria, such as 20/70.  This will ensure you enough time to get in to see the eye doctor.  When you go, you will be given a full vision examination.  The doctor will be able to determine your ability to drive safely with your vision.  If you can't, he should be able to supply you with glasses or corrective lenses that will help you see better and be able to drive with improved vision.  You will need to take the form back to the drivers license bureau in order to get your permanent license. 

Has anyone had trouble with their vision and was not able to pass the vision test at the drivers license bureau when you went to get your license or renew?  What did your state require you do to get your license?  Did you have to supply any other information like if you were diabetic?