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Hi everyone, I just had to renew my DVLA drivers license and I more recently had a diabetic seizure. Now the man at the driver's license place asked me if I had any medical complications. I didn't say anything about a seizure but I did tell him I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. He told me, I would have fill out a supplementary medical application for my drivers license and they could decide to allow me keep driving or not. I had no idea and I'm still waiting. Has anyone else had this experience and able to get their driver's license?


hello, Fortunately for me my doctor told me about the driving laws. But, remember if you're in the U.S. each state has different laws. I happen to be in Florida so no worries. But you need to be aware of hypers and hypos because if you're not and they know about it you'll lose your license. You can choose not tell them but if something happens you'll not only lose your license but your insurance as well if you have particular hypos and there are not under control. In some states, if you have reprted being diabetic with hypo/hypers your doctor will have to sign off on your license. Your doctor can suspend your license at any time if he/she feels you are at risk to ourself and the public. This may have to be done every 6 months in some cases. Keep in mind that most states have a restricted license for medical conditions such as type 1 and type 2 insulin dependent diabetics but you'll have to check with your state. Where you would really be limited is if you worked in construction, drive commercial truck, or a pilot for example. Quite often certain states require that you be free of hypos for 6 months to one year and you have to prove that with measurements/doctor etc. Some doctors will tell you not to tell the DMV that you have diabetes.